European ETFs: New flow record in September according to Lyxor

According to Lyxor ETF, the month of September 2019 was the scene of record collections in Europe on ETFs. It’s the best month ever, with ETF ESG in the lead.
Lyxor ETF regularly offers an analysis of European flows on ETFs. The latest edition of its Informed Investor: Money Monitor shows a new record of transactions in September 2019. European ETFs have recorded the best month of their history, with a collection of € 17.3 billion (against a drop of € 8.4 billion in August). Which, over nine months, raises the overall collection to € 59.1 billion. comment défiscaliser en immobilier

“Capital inflows,” said Marlene Hassine Konqui, research director, and Kristo Durbaku, analyst, Lyxor ETF, are mainly attributable to equity ETFs, which, too, had never experienced such a strong month ( € 11.1bn). Not surprisingly, the United States led the dance (€ 3.9bn), followed by Europe (€ 3.2bn), despite the pessimism that has reigned in recent months. “
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The Fed and ECB rate cuts were the main catalyst for this investor infatuation. For Europe, Lyxor ETF specialists believe that it is still too early to say that the rebound will be temporary or will mark the beginning of a more sustainable trend. More budget activism will probably be needed for a positive climate to set in …
Flows in favor of bond ETFs (€ 4.3 billion) and commodities (€ 382 million) rebounded slightly in September. “Emerging-market government bonds,” continues Lyxor ETF experts, “have taken the lion’s share, raising € 1.2 billion. The flows associated with smart beta have slowed compared to August, but remain positive (€ 204 million). Lastly, the ESG ETFs continue to break records, with a total of € 1.2 billion in the past month (€ 9.7 billion since the beginning of the year) “. investissement défiscalisant
Over three quarters, bond ETFs lead the way in terms of transactions (€ 40 billion, or 67.7% of the total), ahead of ESG ETFs (€ 9.7 billion, or 16.4% of the total). Despite the return of capital flows on the asset class, equity ETFs still lag behind (€ 2.2bn, or 3.7% of the total in the period).